I’m a Muslim Woman, and I Love to Orgasm

I believe God designed us to experience pleasure

Wardah Abbas
Mar 19 · 8 min read
A photo of a woman’s calves lying on a bed.
A photo of a woman’s calves lying on a bed.
Photo: Karrie Nodalo/Flickr

I furrowed my brows and turned around as I ladled the last batter of bean cake into the deep fryer, taking a few seconds to process what my husband had just said.

“So many women have never had the big O,” he said as he poured boiling water over the black Lipton tea bags in our teacups. “Many even believe that they’re not supposed to.”

“How do you know this?” I asked curiously, leaping up to sit beside him on the cabinet. This was the beginning of a very long conversation that started in our kitchen and rolled into bedtime.

My husband had joined a conversation about sex at his workplace, and he found out that none of the women knew what an orgasm felt like. Upon asking them why they’d never had an orgasm, some admitted that the idea of the female orgasm was alien to them while the majority responded that they just never saw it as a goal to which Muslim women should aspire.